Not one inch! Solidly united against racism and social exclusion!

On the 3rd of March 2012 nazis plan to march the streets of Münster in order to propagate their inhuman ideology. In 2006, a similar attempt to march through the „Hansaviertel“ was already blockaded by neighbouring residents and antifascist initiatives. Several hundred people gathered in the streets and after a few metres the nazis had no choice but to cancel their march.

In Münster, the nazis have had a difficult time to appear in public so far. There a lots of people engaged in social and antifascist initiatives so that neonazis have experienced resistance in daily routine. We do not want a nazi-scene to establish itself in Münster. Whenever they are successful with that attempt, they pose a threat to anybody that does not fit in their world-view. Not only the murders of the so called „national socialist underground (NSU)“ from Zwickau prove that nazi-ideology always involves terror and violence. Since 1990, there have been 182 casualties from right-wing violence in Germany. Every day people are beaten, degraded and threatened out of racist or right-wing motives. Most of these cases are belittled or even ignored by the police, the German secret service for internal affairs („Verfassungsschutz“) and politicians.

Together with as many people as possible we want to ensure that the nazis will not march a single inch on the 3rd of March. We want to reach this goal with joint actions and invite everyone to participate in these. We also declare our solidarity with everybody who opposes the nazis and their racist propaganda. We will show them that their actions won’t be tolerated – neither in Münster nor anywhere else.

Not a single inch to the nazis in Münster!
Solidly united against racism and social exclusion!